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Remember the last wedding you have been to and try to picture the bride. What was the detail you cannot forget? Her bouquet perhaps? Or her dress? Or maybe the way her happy face was framed by jewelry? What's left of that wedding, but the lucky couple and the wedding rings to symbolize their love?

As beautiful Marilyn Monroe once mentioned, “diamonds are a girl’s best friends”. Weddings are fabulous indeed, emotions lived then last forever, however jewelry worn that evening will always be with you, ready every single second to bring them back to life. Therefore, your rings (and other jewelry) have to be carefully chosen, based on various criteria that do not necessarily imply your personal taste, but also more practical aspects, such as design, brilliance, quality or uniqueness.

First of all, you have to take into consideration the quality of the material they are made of and the design, as these two contribute to their longevity. Travel a little bit back in time and see the two of you 40-50 years from now on, walking in a park, holding hands and feeding pigeons together. Feel on your hand the same wedding ring, a symbol of your long lasting love! But before you live this scene with wide open eyes, imagine that you’ll wear for more than 40 years that specific gem and that it will withstand the different activities you'll make. Therefore, we recommend you to choose a hard material or high quality gold for your wedding bands, so that you minimize the chances of getting them damaged.

Precious stones have always been in great demand for wedding bands and engagement rings creation, preferred being the shining diamonds, a symbol of power and longevity. Did you know that diamonds are nature’s hardest material, therefore there are able to cut even through stone? Also, their value will increase with time, so that, when older, you show the world the little fortune you’re wearing.

Let's experience your wedding day in the near future. How do you see yourself? Allow us to guess! Both of you have planned a lot, found the perfect wedding venue... Smells like flowers, music creates a convincing atmosphere for your setting and your guests are having fun. Your groom and you sit at the table, looking at this great party you two have staged for your beloved ones that they will remeber for the rest of their lives. And there you are, happy you made it, smiling in the candle’s glow, with your jewelry shining so bright. You'll be fabulous! It’s your night and you deserve nothing but the best.

So why not try to encapsulate those feelings into a one of a kind ring, which will capture them forever? Find your own, to perfectly reflect your personality and tell us when we meet again that it still represents the great symbol of your infinite love!